DC, Connecticut and Hawaii Propose Local Gambling Laws

By Debra SaundersGoogle

Now that the US DoJ (Department of Justice) has announced that individual states can legally regulate online gambling, states have begun responding and announcing their intentions.  Since the beginning of the month, a few states have made interesting statements that could very well start some new trends on the online gambling front.

First was Washington DC which many people felt came as a surprise.  A council has been set up to repeal the city's quite controversial gambling law which many feel was passed without proper inspection and due discussion.  It's understood that the city stands to gain from legalizing online gambling and it was not-surprisingly added to its lottery contract and many of the Mayor's opponents who are against legalizing online casino games to used this as leverage to try and repeal the ruling.

Next up was the state of Connecticut (a very wealthy state) which is scheduled to hold an informational forum to discuss the issue of legalizing online gambling in the state.  State representatives and senators will be in attendance in addition to representatives from the offline gambling industries.  The approach seems to be liberal and realistic.  Governor D. Malloy was quoted as saying "Online gambling is coming to Connecticut whether we like it or not.  The playing field with respect to gaming is about to change, and we have to consider those changes and be aware of them." 

Hawaii is also heating up when it comes to the legalizing online gambling debate.  A bill has been submitted to state legislators pushing for a Hawaii Internet Lottery and Gaming Corporation that will have the power to offer games of chance and skills online (including poker, casino games and lotto).  The bill proposes both real money and play money options for Hawaii state residents.  This governing body would be able to tender for services of online gambling providers under the condition that they have not offered their services to Americans in the past.  This leaves the door open for some of the world's best online casinos to put in their bid. 

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