Delaware Passes Gaming Bill

By Debra SaundersGoogle

This past week, Governor Jack Markell of Delaware signed the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012 into law, authorizing online betting in the state. The online casino games legislation passed the state Senate, albeit with some controversy, as a Democratic lawmaker who opposed the bill mistakenly voted in favor, thinking he was voting for an amendment instead.

The lawmaker is Senator Robert Venables of Laurel. He has stated that he may try to withdraw his vote, but the Governor’s quick signing of the legislation into law may make that impossible.

Delaware is now the first state to legally pass legislation for online casino gambling.

There was increased support for the bill over time in Delaware as competition from neighboring Maryland and Pennsylvania casinos became intensified. In his explanation, Markell stated, “We’re talking about a couple thousand jobs. The competitive landscape for this industry has changed dramatically.”

Limitations from federal law will only allow players to make bets within the state borders. In order to ensure compliance and that all betting is done legally, the state will implement geo location software.

Delaware hopes to launch online gambling in top rated online casinos by 2013 and plans to allow players to place bets on digital devices like smart phones and tablets.

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