Delays in Civil Case Against Full Tilt Poker CEO Bitar

By Maria McCoyGoogle
The ongoing civil case against Raymond Bitar, the CEO of Full Tilt Poker, has been placed on a hold until the criminal case against him concludes, Judge Leonard B. Sand ruled last week. Bitar is facing various charges both civilly and criminally related to his involvement in the Black Friday case.
Bitar spent a week in prison and then posted $2.5 million bail, which included the forfeiture of his passport, limited travel between his home in California and New York, and wearing an ankle bracelet that monitors his movements.  
The charges against Bitar including three counts of wire fraud and conspiring to fraud banks. He has entered a plea of not guilty on all counts.
After his release from prison, Bitar stated that over the last year he has worked hard to help players get their money back.
After landing at JFK airport on a plane from Ireland, federal agents boarded the flight and served Bitar with a superseding indictment for the criminal charges. In the criminal case, prosecutors are accusing Bitar of running a global Ponzi scheme, even after he was indicted in the Black Friday case. The prosecution says that Bitar misled players into believing that their money was safe.
If found guilty on the criminal charges, Bitar could receive up to 145 years if he receives the maximum time allowed on each count. If each charge is to be served concurrently, then the sentence will be reduced to thirty years. Reports state that it is likely that a settlement will be reached.

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