Dont waste your poker bonus

By Debra SaundersGoogle

In reverse they can also destroy you and send you crashing back into the lower stake games where you will have to battle against bad beats and suck outs until you are able to rise up again. Here are 5 mistakes people make with their online poker bonus money.

Deposit too much money

Players should be completely realistic about how much money they think they will spend on their poker sessions. A huge mistake people make is thinking they will get their bonus money instantly, but there is actually a play through restriction.

Most online poker rooms offer 100% deposit match that requires players to spend 6 times their deposit to earn this bonus cash. If you deposit £100 then you need to spend £600 to get £100 back. The £100 will be paid back £10 at a time in 10 increments, so players must spend £60 per increment of £10 in tournament or sit ‘n’ go fees, or rake back from cash play. On top of this you need to achieve this within a time limit, which is usually around 60-90 days.

A big mistake is going for the highest deposit amount, but then you only plan on playing low stakes games. So if you took up a £200 match deposit bonus incentive and the play through is 6 times then you would need to play £120 worth of games 10 times within 60-90 days. Imagine you plan to go into only £5.50 games then the £0.50 is all that counts as your poker money contributing towards your poker bonus release points. You will need to play 240 games before you even catch hold of your first increment of £20.

Low stake beginners should look for £1.25 sit ‘n’go games where 4 games should earn 1 point. If you have budgeted to play 4 games a day at this stake then this is 240 games in 60 days or £60 worth of points. Divide this by a 6 play through limit and you get an optimal deposit of £10 meaning every increment requires £6 worth of play or 24 games and you will get £1 free.

Don’t chase your release money – let your poker bonus expire

If you are on a consistent losing streak or if you are just not getting to grips with the game of poker it is a bad idea to chase your payout. Letting the bonus code get in the way of your bankroll management is a big mistake.

Use it as an excuse to go All-In every game

Remember a poker bonus needs to earn sometimes up to 10 times its worth before you get paid out. That means going all or playing looser than usual because you were expecting your money back quickly is not going to work and in fact will cost you more money in the long run.

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