Dragons Myth

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Look out for those casino bonus codes because once you see Rabcats new release, you’ll be looking for an online can casino that can get you into the action. Plenty of action, a 96.6% RTP giving you promising returns via free spins and a 2 ways to win symbol feature.

‘That’s right – on this slot Rabcat lets you line up the symbols both ways starting combinations from reel 1 or reel 5’

With 243 and 1024-ways slots making the headlines more than any other slots machine on the market we though there is nothing that can stop the no pay line win concept. However, with Dragons Myth the paylines start from both angles. Combinations can start on reel 5 and run across adjacent reels 4, 3, 2 and 1 giving players double the chances of spinning in combinations on one of the 20 paylines.

The theme is set in ancient times where 4 Dragons have plagued the lands for centuries, but there is hope as a ferocious young girl has the powers to rid the lands of their polite’

 Landing a single bonus icon on the reels is the key to completing the journey to the Dragons’ lair where the possibility of triggering a free spins round lurks as well as 2 wild symbols that can placed anywhere on reels 2 or 4. When you place the symbols, you strategically place them where the biggest wins can be pulled in; while, always remember that this is a 2 ways to win slot.

If you have landed the dragons on reels 1, 3 and 5 and you are in the dragons cave, then placing the wilds will rid the lands of the dragons and give you a jackpot pay-out

It may take several attempts to help this young fearless girl defeat the dragons, but once you do, the rewards are well worth the effort. The slot has 20 paylines and with the 2 ways to win feature, you’ll have double the chance of getting your just rewards for lining up 5 jackpot symbols that will give you a pay-out from reels 1 to 5 and from 5 to 1 doubling your win and ending the Dragons reigns – well – at least until your next spin and story starts all over.

There are also plenty of other neat featured including free spins with 2 ways to win still activated as well as gamble feature so you can bump up your wins

There is an option to play the gamble feature every time you win, plus there are some easy landing scatter symbols that will launch you into the free spins round with 15 spins. You will still have 2 ways to win during the free spins round. With a 96.6% RTP, you can guarantee that you will be landing plenty of combinations while the free spins are in action basically rounding up what is an awesomely excellent online slot from Rabcat.

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