eCOGRA's Celebrates 10 Years of Problem Solving

By Debra SaundersGoogle
The body has seen and resolved a huge number of player disputes helping both those that gamble and those that provide the facility to gamble to reach middle ground on their disputes. There are over 220 accredited operators connected to the organisation, and they have been successful in resolving player dissatisfaction thanks to eCOGRA's well set-up organisation.

 eCOGRA came along literally a decade ago to fill a gap in the market whereby online players were left with no support if they were to have a problem with their online casino. Without eCOGRA they would be powerless without a voice.

The disputes have ranged in argument and global location, but in the end despite the location of many of the online casinos being well out of the reach of the laws of some of their online gamblers eCOGRA has still managed to act as the mediator giving the online gambling membership a place to seek help, advice and most of all a strong voice to support their case.

In the last decade complaints have risen as the marketing of eCOGRA becomes more widely spread. More and more players are now aware of the service. Thanks to world of mouth and their marketing drive, complaints being received by eCOGRA have increased to 943 recorded last year, which is up from 251 received in 2003 when the service was just starting to gain a foothold in the industry.

Overall, in 10 years of operations the savvier online clientele have filed more than 7,100 complaints. This is also owing to the fact that there has been a considerable rise in the demand for online gambling casinos and online poker rooms that attract their clientele with new and improved, casino bonus codes and VIP rewards programs.

It now pays for online casinos to be accredited by eCOGRA because it is one more marketing symbol that gives the customer peace of mind. With the price of licencing going up, and the restrictions on gambling costing operators more money, they can at least save money on more expensive and trustworthy licensing deals, and instead they have can still sell a trustworthy image by displaying their eCOGRA membership on their site.

eCOGRA has increasingly gained experience in the marketplace, and has become more savvy to the tricks of punters as well as operators. With their vast experience, they have been able to thrash out admirable terms and conditions so the online casinos can justify their membership with the organisation. There are now 220 established online casinos registered with the service, which is accredited with jurisdictions such as UKAS. For more information, you can visit

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