EU Reaches Agreement on New Online Gambling Laws

By Debra SaundersGoogle

In stark contrast to the endless stalemate on Capitol Hill, the European Union Parliament has reached an agreement on new online gambling regulation.  The EU Parliament decided that any member states that prevent their citizens from accessing the online casinos of other member states will be prosecuted.  This is great news for online casino operators because it essentially forces European governments to open the market to millions of customers.

There are many EU member states who are interested in protecting their local markets for their own local businesses.  These governments adhere to monopolistic strategies that give an edge to their own local industries.  This is clearly, however, in contrast to the free market policies obligated by the financial standards of the European Union.  If a member state prohibits its own citizens from accessing foreign sites while simultaneously welcoming foreign patronage to their local businesses, they are defeating the whole purpose of an economic union. 

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA), the largest umbrella organization for online gaming businesses, praised the EU Parliament’s decision.  The resolution, which requires compliance with European Commission standards, will breathe a breath of life into the licensed online casino operators.  The RGA’s CEO Clive Hawkswood said that the new resolution represents a very positive change in the legislation of EU Parliament – from prohibition to regulation.  Not only has the EU Parliament taken a stance on behalf of regulation, but they are now even actively enforcing compliance across the continent. 

The European Commission and the European Court of Justice will be entrusted with the task of enforcing EU regulations on all the member states.  Recently, Italy was taken to court for refusing to grant license to an English casino operator.

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