European Roulette’s Popularity

By Debra SaundersGoogle
At least it is to the average gambler, but when you look deeper you can see exactly why it has begun to beat its American competitor in popularity.

American Roulette is a pretty standard game with 38 numbers when you include the ‘0’ and ‘00’ into the equation. That’s 38 options to get your straight bets down, or split bets for those who like to get their cash down on both zeros. Apart from this one feature all the usual inside and outside bets apply as they would in European Roulette.

One myth we can dispel for you right now is that the difference between these 2 games has nothing to do with table limits. Although you could say that European Roulette pays 36-1 for straight bets with just 37 numbers thanks to there being 1 zero and compare this to American Roulette’s 38 numbers that pay 35-1 for straight bets. Nevertheless, this is not always the case when you play online casino versions, and is a small part of why European Roulette has become so popular.

In actual fact it is the simplicity of betting on European Roulette that has made the game more popular. For those of you that know this version of the game, you may be wondering how the European version is more simplified. Most people’s first recollection of their encounters with Roulette were looking at the Euro and the US versions and thinking the US option looks easier to play because there are less betting option making it easier to play.

This is true because the US versions don’t include section bets. However, once you understand how section bets work, you’ll then see how much more convenient this is for betting purposes thus making your betting decisions easier and your betting pattern more simple.

Orphans, Neighbours and Thirds look mind boggling to the newbie, but seasoned Roulette players have realised these little beauties help you break down the Roulette wheel into sections. In the end you are betting on the section of the wheel the ball lands in rather the numbers themselves.

For new players, admittedly the game of Roulette has now become more complicated, but if you are looking for a sophisticated betting pattern then this is it.

Just a few minutes learning exactly how section bets work and you can get onto the Roulette tables and still have fun while having a deeper knowledge of the game, which results in a higher chance of you either getting more time for your money at the table, walking away with less of a loss or coming out with a profit.

The problem with section bets is that they do admittedly come in all shapes and sizes. Voisins du zero, Jeu zero, Le tiers du cylinder, Orphelins or Orphans, Thirds or Neighbours. Then there red splits and black splits. Now the game of Roulette has become a lot more complicated if you don’t understand these bets.

On the other hand, once you learn these features, you’ll be enlightened and your betting patterns will be changed forever. When you go back to an American Roulette table, or at least have only the choice of playing this style of table, try laying bets down on these numbers without having the option already laid out on the outside betting area of the board. It then you’ll realise how convenient European Roulette really is.

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