Everleaf Shuts Down USA Online Casino

By Maria McCoyGoogle

After receiving word from The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Everleaf Gaming Network, has shut down all online casino games in the USA. Everleaf elected not to fight the government’s ruling and shut down all US operations effective immediately. Everleaf Gaming offers poker solutions for online and land-based operators. Everleaf was one of only a few networks providing real-money online poker to players within the U.S. after Black Friday.

Players who now login into Everleaf will receive a new set of terms and conditions, one of which stipulates that, “No person who is resident in Malta, France and USA may open an account, play, or in any other way participate in the ELG offerings and/or services.”

Everleaf had never accepted players from Malta in the past, however, the inclusion of France and the USA are recent additions to the terms and conditions. Players are being banned from accessing any of its 100-plus poker skins.

After an investigation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, one of the company’s US based payment processors was seized. Funds held by the payment processor were also seized.

It is still left to be determined when Everleaf’s online casino games players based in the USA will be paid or how long the process will take. Despite this, the company has assured players that their funds are safe and they are working with the Department of Justice to make all players receive their money.

Everleaf is expected to release a statement in the next few days regarding player payouts and will elaborate more on the ongoing situation.




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