Film the Gambling Man May Star Robert De Niro

By Debra SaundersGoogle
 and now we are up for yet another gambling special in the film Gambling Man that is rumored to be targeting Robert De Niro to play the lead role.

The film is an adaption from the iconic book written by author Gary Green taken up by Tinseltown, who have been launching a series of gambling related films as part of their genre. Borsalino Films originally purchased the rights to the book and with their close ties to Tinseltown the movie has been given the go ahead with only the actors to source before shooting the script can commence.

Gary Green has been dabbling in the casino industry for some years now with deep knowledge of how the operations and networking patterns work. With his current best seller “Gambling Man” grabbing the attention of the movie industry due to its emphatic approach and new ideas relating to the world of gambling, he has finally made it from print to the big screen.

Green has been honored with two Pulitzer Prizes for his work in the field of journalism bit of which came before he had even reached the age of thirty. He has also been involved in numerous other activities in his life including the writing and recording of three music albums playing fold music. On top of this, he is an incisive businessman and he has also been a labor union leader.

 Moreover, he came to the gambling world via his love and understanding of gambling. His reputation for being a Blackjack card counter precedes him and he is also an avid poker player. On top of all of this, it comes as no surprise to learn that Green is also a casino executive where everything he seems to touch turns to green dollar notes. He is a truly talented man with knowledge of a diverse range of industries and now his legacy will be carried over and into the movie industry.

His book is more about the ins and outs of the gambling world. Tricks of the trade, ways to bolster profits, advice on gambling, words of wisdom, about operators, vendors and all the nitty-gritty details of how the whole industry comes together as what he calls ‘one large gambling racket’, rather than referring to gambling and casinos as a business enterprise.

In his years of experience within the gambling insdutry, Green has worked with Meyer Lansky and Donald Trump. His book reflects such stories and personal experiences from the deep within the industry.

His intelligent and sensible insights have now created so much dialogue that his book has become the basis for a movie that can truly reflect the gambling industry targeting several layers from the punters to the big bosses.

Green’s first person experiences and accounts are so accurate and realistic that Borsalino Films are promoting Gambling Man the movie as one of the most unique of its kind within this genre. Green’s experiences are real, and so this will be one of the first gambling films made coming from the true reflections of someone that has seen how the entire jig saw fits together. Something no other film has so far managed to express in such a way Gambling Man can. 

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