‘Free Bet’ Blackjack Trending in Northern California

By Debra SaundersGoogle
It has been revealed recently that there is a new Blackjack variation that is becoming increasingly popular on casinos across Northern California. The variation known as ‘Free Bet’ has the same look and feel of a standard and classic game of blackjack but when you delve deeper into it you quickly realize that there are a number of twists involved.

The game was invented by Geoff Hall, a man who has already become famous for developing another variation of the game called ‘Blackjack Switch’. His latest variation has become so popular that it is now known to be played at a total of 13 different casinos California including the Venetian, Casino Royale and The Golden Gate.

Let’s take a look at this new variation and what it has to offer:

Free Bet

As for the twists, there are two of them. First, if a player receives two identical cards (except for 10’s and 4’s), they are awarded a big chip that signifies that they get a free bet worth the amount that they had already wagered in the current game.

That chip can then only be used to double down on the hand that they are in and gives players a reward of 1:1 for the bet on top of anything that they won from their original bet. This free bet means that there is the potential to win some money without having to make the stake, which as we know, we all love something for free.

Dealers Catch a Break Too

Of course, with any casino game, the casino likes to have some kind of house edge over the players. Without one, there would simply be no casinos, so the second twist gives them a little bit of an advantage to take back what the games gives you with the free bet.

If the dealer is dealt the 22, the dealer cannot lose but does not win either. Any player in the game when the dealer has the 22 will receive a push. This means that all bets are returned to the players and a new hand begins.

It offers up something a little bit different and obviously seems to be very popular so far. For lovers of blackjack, it is certainly worth a try if you can make your way to a casino that hosts the game.

If this popularity for Free Bet continues, we can only imagine it will not take too long before it is seen online if it has not already. It may be worth checking out, especially if you have a no deposit casino bonus or casino bonus codes to use.

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