Fruit Warp New Way to Play Slots

By Debra SaundersGoogle
One of the best things about this slot is that it is a mixture between a real arcade game and a slot with no reels. The inventive team at Thunderkick have produced something that no other slot designer has dared do and completely done away with reels altogether; a move bolder than Microgaming’s ambitious move to do away pay lines in their 243 ways and 1024 ways to win slots.

The brand new Fruit Warp slot comes with a mixture of fruit symbols cleverly keeping in with the classic slot symbols theme of old and added some cool features to boot

Every slot player demands action and feature rich slots have been the result. Fruit Warp is no different. It comes with a re-spin feature giving players the chance to link up more symbols on the screen and there is a multiplier that goes up to x10 for landing 5 of a kind symbols, which seems to happen as regular as clockwork. As far as alternative slots gameplay goes, this is the answer!

Re-spins occur regularly and players will also be paid out prior to the re-spin for the 4 of a kind symbol combination that sparks of this feature bonus round

In fact the exact name Thunderkick has given this feature is the Portal Re-spin. Every time a player lands 4 of a kind on the screen, the player will be paid and then the fruits will re-spin holding the 4 of a kind combo. There are 5 other symbols to land and so a very good chance that a 5th symbol will appear and pay the play 5 of a kind.

When the re-spin or normal play links up a 5 of a kind combination, the multiplier bonus will be triggered giving players a chance to go on a winning streak’

Every win that is taken from matching 3, 4 or 5 of a kind symbols on the screen will increase the multiplier bar by 1. This rises in sequence to x3, extra life, x5 up to x10 multiplier of the player’s spin bet. The extra life is useful because the only way to increase the multiplier level is to spin in a winning combination. If the player doesn’t land a combination, then either the extra life will keep the game going or the feature will end and the player is paid.

Overall there are 9 symbols in total that land on the screen and the fruits roll over in an up and over motion when the player hits the spin button

Expect to be landing bananas, kiwano melons, oranges, grapes, strawberries, dragon fruits, cherries, starfruits and plums to get you into the money. These are referred to as flying fruits because they literally fly onto the screen from the background with astoundingly smooth movement on a slot that has some very crisp graphics indeed.

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