Full Tilt Now Licensed to Operate in Denmark

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This license was granted by the Danish Gambling Authority on the 13th of May and Full Tilt has wasted no time in launching their online casino and poker software in the country.

With the approval of this license, Full Tilt are now able to offer their wide range of online products and compete with some other big name online gambling operators in the country. Among those are PokerStars which is the sister company of Full Tilt and other names such as Betfair, PKR, PartyPoker and Unibet.

In fact there have been a total of 113 licenses granted to many an online casino including those that accept casino bonus codes, so competition is certainly going to be fierce for Full Tilt

With Full Tilt being such a prominent name with a big history in online poker, we have no doubts that it will succeed no matter who the competition is.

How Full Tilt Managed to Gain a License

Any online casino or poker room has to comply with a number of technical requirements before they are even considered whilst they also have to pay an initial fee of just under $38,000 and then pay annual fees of between $7,500 and $227,400 depending how much revenue was brought in throughout that period.

Amaya Gaming, which is now the owner of both Full Tilt and PokerStars, obviously managed to satisfy the Danish Gambling Authority by meeting all of those requirements and they are now able to offer their gambling services within the country.

This license is now the fourth one attained by Full Tilt since Amaya Gaming bought them, with them also currently holding licenses from the UK, Isle of Man and in Malta

Full Tilt used to be primarily an online poker site but has since branched out into casino style games since the buyout by Amaya Gaming. They are now offering their players the ability to play many of the classic table games such as Roulette and Blackjack, a number of online slots and even a live casino environment.

Such is their determination to become a major casino player, they even dropped their original name of Full Tilt Poker to solely become Full Tilt. This emphasizes their determination to be a one stop location for players that like to either play poker, enjoy some gambling or do a little bit of both.

Although Full Tilt is not a no deposit casino, it does offer a bonus that matches your first deposit up to a maximum of $600.

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