Full Tilt Poker Website to Include Online Casino Section

By Debra SaundersGoogle
The rumours started last week that Full Tilt poker could be looking into the possibility of turning its Poker only site into a joint online poker and casino option.

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the poker website that was shut down by the federal government for multiple charges against the CEO of the site. There were thousands of players left with no way of getting their money back from the site that was accused of running a pyramid scheme and dodging taxes. However, along came The Rational Group, who are the official owners of the world’s largest online poker website, PokerStars.

Rational Group bought the disgraced website for a figure said to be around $150 million and repaid all its members.

So far the site has seen many of its old clientele come back to grind on Full Tilt Poker’s virtual felts. Right now online poker’s highest stake cash games are played out on Full Tilt’s website where the nosebleed No Limit Hold’em and Omaha tables have seen multi million dollars winners already this year and we are only just approaching the eighth month of the year. The biggest pots the site has seen so far this year have been in excess of half a million dollars all going into the middle in just a single hand. On top of the big pots, on a daily basis the online poker tables of Full Tilt produce 6 figure profits and losses where pros such as Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan ply their hyper aggressive poker skills.

However, despite having the biggest cash games around, it seems Full Tilt may not have recouped as much of The Rational Group’s investment as quickly as they would have liked to have. As a result, the plan is now to rebrand the name Full Tilt Poker into Full Tilt Gaming a nd introduce a new section as an online casino offering poker games on one side of the site and casino style games as an add on. That means players should be able to get Roulette, Blackjack, and Craps table games as well as Video Poker plus there could also be plans to introduce slot machines to the site too.

The move into the online casino industry replicates the ambitions of the Rationale Group, as they have made it no secret that the company’s ambition is to get into the casino market. Just recently the group was on the verge of taking over an Atlantic Casino, but that deal fell through in what appeared to be an immoral back out of the deal by the Atlantic casino’s bosses, who pulled out right in the final stages of the deal. Since then the Rational Group have been trying other avenues, and it seems that Full Tilt Poker is now the target for the company to fulfil its drive into the casino market.

PokerStars will not be touched during this Full Tilt transition process, and so it will remain as a purely online poker site. As for Full Tilt, the plan is keep the online poker side of the site and still maintain the high quality poker gaming that it currently provides, but alongside the casino option too.

For 12 years the Rational Group has dealt solely in the poker market, and so this a bold move and with the name Full Tilt already big in the poker world, this should mean the gambling side of the site should be very successful. They have the experience and the know how in the online market, and they sure know how to create an online site as they have proved with PokerStars. Just that fact alone should send tremors down the spines of Full Tilts new upcoming market competition.  

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