Gambling in Hindsight

By Maria McCoyGoogle
However, many people don’t realise that when they change their game the laws of time also change, so every change made in hindsight is not always as good as you think.

Now this is going to sound a little strange, and probably quite deep in many respects! However, I read something about time and our actions in life and how there are times we wished we took another route.

Some people say they should not have married a particular partner, but had they not, they would not have the children they love now. It’s ironic that we would wish for a change in the past without actually thinking how it would affect the now.

The point is that if you perform one action or another, even right now, it can change the course of the future. For example, if I am sitting at a poker table, and I am losing, sometimes I will get frustrated and call a stupid bet where really I should have folded. I then proceed to lose my cash. Later on I get Ace Ace and win a huge hand. Had I not made the stupid move earlier, I probably would not got the pocket rockers.
Now many player would sit there and be thinking; “Dam, had I not made that stupid move earlier, I would be far more in profit now”. Actually, that is not true because had you not played that stupid move earlier, your destiny would not have been the same. You would have folded, and the hand would have progressed a lot quicker thus the actions of the dealer would also have changed.

Like I said, this would sound strange and deep, but it is also very true. Nevertheless, that is still no excuse for playing poker or gambling your cash on the Blackjack tables recklessly.

Some would argue that I still should not have made the stupid and risky move I made earlier in my game because I am affecting my card variation in the wider scheme of things. This is also very true, but most of us are living for the here and now. We sign up for a casino bonus code because we want to do it at the time, we go all-in with 2-2 because we feel it is the right move at the time and so on.

Saying of all this what is my point? My point is that you should not always kick yourself for making a bad move, and the old saying goes “We learn from our mistakes”; well at least most of us learn from our mistakes at least, which is more than I can say for a few bidding poker players and gamblers out there.

Next time you make a bad move and then win later on, take pride in the fact that you never know what can happen. Sometimes you will make the wrong move that turns out to be the right move in gambling, but just learn from mistakes and learn to move on and improve.

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