Gambling is Sexy and Attractive

By Maria McCoyGoogle
If you are looking to meet a wealthy compadre, then you certainly have more chance on the casino floor than you do in the VIP section of a club.

The title above might not actually true in some cases, especially when we are talking about the local book makers where the horse racing and the dogs are shown live on the TV screen. There are the local riff raff to contend with as they are waving their tickets in disgust using bad language as they lose more beer money.

Days of BO and smoke also ring a bell, but with new anti-smoking laws it just tends to be more BO and old man’s farts that are the more distinctive aromas of the local bookies nowadays since the smoke doesn’t cover up the methane anymore.

Saying this, there is a more attractive side to gambling, but one that many feel they cannot afford.

After a few visits to the casino in my time I have recently been releasing there are more women in the casino bars. They are still off betting small stakes for fun on the Roulette tables or on the Blackjack, but always heading back to the bar after a short session. It seems after talking to a couple of these ladies in passing or overhearing conversation that these ladies are on the hunt for a wealthy more sophisticated type of man that that of the men they would meet in the VIP section of a club where there is literally a dance floor jammed full of competition showing off and flashing away hoping for an invite from the male occupants of the VIP booth.

From a simple observation, I realized that gambling is actually quite sexy. Most men will dress up to make an effort, and the casinos usually have a dress policy that means that you are almost guaranteed to find a better dressed crowd than most clubs and bars. It is certainly a more glamorous scenario than the local book maker’s scene.

Partying and social events at the casinos are also a great way to meet those that prefer a more up class vibe. Regulars interact and networking is usually a major advantage as people discover business owners and professionals that requite or can bounce off each other’s in an amicable agreement. In the end wealth meets wealth to create more wealth.

One more thing I noticed was that these women happened to have quite a fair amount of cash themselves. They were not gambling small amounts despite their short sessions, and drinks at the bar are not cheap.

The ultimate casino bonus is to meet someone more easily without loud music mixing up the conversation, and as they both had the same idea to come to casino already common ground is found. My final conclusion is that gambling in the casinos has become not just a fun hobby, but a place to meet attractive people making it an attractive industry. 

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