Germany’s Schleswig-Holstein Repeals Gaming Law

By Maria McCoyGoogle
In September, the German state of Schleswig-Holstein took the bold move of passing the country’s first online casino games legislation. However, this past week, the German state revoked the bill and rejoined the rest of the country in the Interstate Gambling Treaty. Through this action, Germany no longer legally allows the playing of online casino games within its borders.  
In December, the state became further estranged from the rest of the country when the Prime Ministers of the other fifteen German states signed a gambling treaty that suggested outlawing the playing of online casino games and poker.
Despite the treaty, Schleswig-Holstein pressed on and licensed seven top rated online casinos. Now, the online casino companies are not able to operate within Germany.  
The change occurred because this past May, the political party that passed the online casino games bill lost power in a tight election run. This resulted in Germany’s three political parties, the Social Democrats, Green Party and South Schleswig Voter Federation, taking over leadership from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats.
Following these changes, it was understood that the new ruling parties would seek unification of the country’s gambling legislation and have Schleswig-Holstein rejoin the treaty. It remains to be seen what will happen with the seven operators who received licenses but cannot do business within the country.

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