Get Ready for Locked and Loaded Slot Action

By Maria McCoyGoogle
This is the sequel to the slot Loaded that thumped the online casino scene hard with its urban gangster and cool character theme that appealed to an extremely wide audience.

Now Locked and Loaded really is a 21st century game with a new and much much much better look and feel! The graphics have been updated to HD quality without affecting the theme and the original idea of the slot too much, and of course the sounds are as per usual nothing short of perfectly crisp and entertaining.

In addition to the graphics and sounds being updated to HD and high quality audio, there is a skill stop feature joining in on the action

However, as usual, if we see a new slot release that is a sequel or improvement of a previous versions, then there is usually a good reason – and sometimes the old saying goes “Don’t fix what aint broke”. Well kudos to Microganing because all the main likable features and elements to the original slot are still there – just better! 

The wild symbol still triples wins it gets involved in as the wild card, and it is still the same triple seven as in the original versions

Free spins are still there too. Players get to select 1 stunningly sexy hip babe with combination of multipliers and a number of free spins per lady. Less spins for higher multipliers, or more spins for lesser multiplier values.

Then let’s not forget the gamble feature – a side to any urban crawlers life that would just be amiss if it was not included in this version of the slot

When you gamble, you can bet on the next suit of the card and quadruple your winnings, or you can tone it down a bit and take a 50/50 bet on black of red for your bet to be doubled in value. This game can go on and on until either you quit, or you run of luck.

Probably the best update to this slot is the huge payout if you do happen to roll into the jackpot zone – there are 240,000 coins up for grabs’

There is no doubt that Locked and Loaded is a massive improvement on the original. Although the original has always been popular even up until now – this slot really needed something of a facelift, and that’s just what it got!


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