Getting your Experience Playing For Free

By Maria McCoyGoogle
but if you want to become a real casino gaming guru your initial introduction doesn’t have to cost you any cash to begin with. The best way to learn the casino games is by using the free play money chips nearly every virtual casino has to offer.

All the online gaming companies use a virtual ‘Random Number Generator’ or ‘RNG’. They have been programmed to give players the exact randomness you would likely get when playing a real roulette table. The only other way to get something similar to this is by using the casinos live dealer option, but then you wouldn’t be able to play for free. At the end of the say millions of dollars have been spent on getting the RNGs to work, and if you look at the online poker scene, the RNGs have been extremely successful with online poker pros making a fortune.

To get onto the free play tables that also the RNGs all you need to do is sign up for an online casino account. You can use a no deposit bonus code and get free casino chips to play with, or you can use a deposit match casino bonus code if you want to immediately get money into your account.

My suggestion for beginners would be to get your free cash, but then head straight to the free play games using play money casino chips. Get a strategy down, and then move over to the real money tables to use your free no deposit real money chip. With a good strategy, you can roll over a few wins on a good run. Even if you don’t win, that isn’t a problem because the money was free. At this point you will have gained more experience, and so you are ready to start using other bonus offers to get more cash out of your deposits.

Another great thing about casino free play money is that you can run through times of bad variation for free. For example, Blackjack players will have a few losses.

They will move down to lower stakes, and back up when they feel the flow of play is coming back in their favour. However, we are not all high stakes players, so for the low stakes player there is still the opportunity to move down to free play until you get your mojo back, and then step back up into the cash games.

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