Groups Want Congress to Ban Online Casinos

By Debra SaundersGoogle

In a letter addressed to Congress, advocacy groups in thirteen states across the US are calling on the government to ban states from legalizing online casino games. The groups say that casino games online will negatively affect society and the family dynamic.

Representatives hail from Wisconsin, Kentucky, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Hawaii, Georgia and Tennessee. The letter requests that the government do all in their power to bolster the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act as a means of ensuring "its clear intent that the Internet not become a giant online casino."

Last December, the US Department of Justice determined that in-state online bets that do not involve sports teams are legal. Since then, states looking for a means to increase revenue through taxes have weighed the possibility of legalizing top online casinos.

In their letter, the advocacy groups referenced the Department of Justice’s decision, stating that it "unleashed actions by a growing number of revenue-hungry state governments to turn the Internet into the largest casino ever, and welcoming into homes a greater social cost than any government can handle. This action is undermining Congress’ clear intent when it passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006 that online gambling should be prohibited."

One of the authors of the letter, Kent Ostrander, founder of The Family Foundation of Kentucky commented, "The bottom line is we are The Family Foundation, and expansion of gambling through casinos or online is targeting one group only: moms and dads. It’s an effort to separate a family from its assets. The family is the building block of any society, and yet it is the most vulnerable institution in that society."

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