Heads-up Poker Tactics

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The reason being is that playing online poker usually means entering into a large poker tournament or playing on a 6 to 9 player table in a sit and go or cash game. However, learning heads-up poker has become easier thanks to the flurry of online casinos with good casino bonus codes hitting the market.

When you play on 6 to 9 player tables there is often a lot of competition hitting the flop or pre-flop raising. The obvious reason behind this are the fact that the more players there are, the more chance of good hands being out there that will negatively affect the EV (Estimated Value) you can draw in from your hand. You need high cards such as A-k, A-Q, A-J, A-A. K-K, Q-Q or J-J to be able to safely call or make 3 or 4 bets. These hands are even more powerful when they are suited, apart from the pairs of course, or you would be a little suspicious of the dealer!

Suited connectors are also not bad hands to have when the pot is giving you 3 or 4 way action. The odds to call are usually pretty good value because picking up a monster flush or straight draw can see you take down a large pot well worth the EV of the hand.

However, in heads-up you would not play the suite connectors, or least low suited connectors anyway. As you are up against just one player it makes no sense. You could end up getting yourself into trouble chasing your straight or flush, and when you hit you may not get good value as there is only one other person putting money in the pot, and heads-up players will often play second pair. Therefore when you do finally hit your flush or straight and bet, it will probably be met with a fold.

How do I play Heads-Up Starting Hands?

There is only a 36% of hitting the flop with your hole cards. That means playing Ace high and King high hands with any kicker becomes ever so important. If your opponent misses the flop, and you have Ace or king high, you can bet and test the strength of his/her hand. Even if there is call to your bet, you still have pretty good showdown value and the chance to hit an Ace or king on the turn or river.

Playing Heads-up Online Casino Poker

In the casino version of heads-up Texas Hold’em you must pay an ante. That’s the same as paying the small/big blinds versus a live opponent. You and the dealer are both dealt cards. You can bet twice the ante if you want to the flop or fold. This is great because it almost replicates heads-up play on in the poker rooms. You then get the option to ‘bet’, ‘check’ or ‘fold’ on both the turn and river with the dealer never making a decision. The dealer just sits there with his/her cards all the way through. If you win, any bets you made are paid back at even odds.

In the end you can easily practise heads-up and use a high card strategy to win. Plus you always get to see your opponent’s cards as the dealer will always reveal them even if you fold. All the decision making is yours and this style of play really makes a difference to your game because you get a real feel for how heads-up play works.

Check out more on heads-up poker at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heads_up_poker.

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