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Angela Watkins from California is a prime example of an intelligent risk taking businesswomen who won a $1.2 million jackpot playing Mega Moolah from the Microgaming progressive jackpot network. She was a college student and was working as a waitress living off tips and paying for her own tuition fees with a little help from mum.

A typical story of a trailer girl whose family was destroyed by the 2008 crush and her dad sadly passed away; while, the unsympathetic banks foreclosed on the family home. This was a time when selling your house was near enough impossible in her particular are of the US; Massachusetts.

 Luckily she took after her father’s brain (A reasonably well off banker hit by the crash). She also loved a risk as did her father. So naturally she played online poker and slots during her spare time using casino bonus codes and on the whole worked the system to gamble online in her spare time.

One day in the Semester break back at her trailer park home playing Mega Moolah on her cell she was stunned to land a $1.2 million jackpot.

Obviously this was the turn of luck she had never expected. Years of hard work climbing the ladder to reach a top exec position were no linger on her mind. You may even think she was thinking fast car, new home and a huge shopping spree. No – she banked the money, moved into a rented apartment and kept her same car.

She had a plan!

Now Angela owns her own accounting firm in partnership with an equally determined and intelligently gifted young lady offering Small to Medium business niche accounting on an outsource contract as well as runs an accounting recruitment firm.

With $1.2 million she was able to build a brand, establish an office one of the best location in downtown Denver. She relocated, set up shop and is now working and earning a more than steady income.

In the end Angela is special. She knew $1.2 million was not going to last her the rest of her life, so she didn’t blow it, and instead took a risk and opened an accounting firm that was so attractive and affordable in an affluent location of Denver. A risk that could have gone horribly wrong and eaten away her new found fortune; however, her risk paid of and she was able to invite a partner.

What a great story to hear. Something very different to the usual millionaire winners we hear going out their and paying off their mortgages and buying fast cards!

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