How Many Games of Poker are there?`

By Debra SaundersGoogle
As so many poker players love their cards, many of them move between playing online poker and playing games such as Blackjack. However, when they get away for a break from the Blackjack, many of them are moving onto the casino house versus poker player table games in order to test their poker skills versus the house.

One of the most popular poker table games out there is Caribbean Poker. The dealer has to qualify with particular hand to be able to play the hand versus the player. This is usually something along the lines of Queen high or higher, while other games will use the Ace. In fact the lower the dealer’s qualifying hand the better it is for you because if the dealer fails to qualify and you have a good hand, you will only be paid back double your ante bet.

Texas Hold’em heads-up poker games versus the house have also been cropping up. Mostly these games are played using fixed limit as the dealer can’t really go all-in with a hand. The great thing about these heads-up games is that the punters get a flurry of side bet options giving them a semi game of poker while making bets similar to the prop bets most poker players make while playing in their cash games. Phil Ivey is one man who love his prop bets and casino play. He’s been seen many a time in the casinos and on Poker After Dark organising the prop bets. Phil also loves playing on Full Tilt Poker in the 5-Card Draw Games, something the casinos have built into their slots.

Video poker slots have long been a hit in the land based brick and mortar casinos as well as in the virtual casinos. 5-Card Draw poker had died a death, but it seems to back on the rise. The main version played in poker games today is Deuce to Seven Triple Draw or Single Draw Low Ball poker. However, in the online casinos the hand ranking system uses the highball poker rules. Video slot are very similar as they also use single draw rules, so there is only one phase where the player can swap the cards and make a hand that will pay.

Finally, there are many other variations of poker found as casino table games. Pai Gow has become popular amongst casino players and poker players alike. You get to go up against the dealer twice and to win you need win on both hands. This is a skilled game and the house advantage very slim.

It is clear that the boom in online poker has created a boom in online casino poker gambling games. This is a trend that has become even more noticeable since the increasing additions of Texas Hold’em games versus the house using side betting and bonus bets. Furthermore, these games are great way to practise your mathematical side of the game using the fixed limit betting structures at the casinos.

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