How Spain, Denmark and Greece Prepare for Newly Regulated and Legalized Online Gambling Markets

By Maria McCoyGoogle


As the trend throughout Western Europe shifts towards the regulation and legalization of online gambling, business relationships are being considered and reconsidered alongside the various government decisions involved in opening up the online gambling market. 

In Spain, the current largest casino operator, CIRSA, has decided to use Microgaming software to power its new service.  As countries regulate and legalize online gambling, the software provider becomes important to casino/betting operators as only a software which can stand up to the stringent regulations can be utilized.  Otherwise, the operator simply won't have a chance at getting and maintaining the license.  Microgaming, as the world's largest online gambling software provider, clearly sets to benefit from this new trend in legislation and CIRSA in Spain is most likely only one of many operators who will be looking to join forces with this trusted and established gaming software company.

In Greece, OPAP, the gambling monopoly owned partially by the Greek government is already going to be receiving preferential treatment come the anticipated regulation changes.   While part of the perks include the option for them to extend their contracts to 2020, they're wary of being called out for favoratism and therefore because their contract with betting software provider Intralot ends in 2012, they've called for tenders on the contract and other software companies have shown interest.  OPAP will announce their chosen provider during the next few months.

In Denmark, it seems that online betting operators are joining forces (or being forced to join forces) in order to shift and adapt to the new changes that the market will face after going through the regulation and legalization process.  The Danish group Sportingbet Plc has announced that it plans to acquire through its wholly owned subsidiaries (Sportingbet Holdings Limited and Interactive Sports Limited), the following online betting and gambling operators: Scandic Bookmakers, Danbook Limited and SHL, all big players in the previous unregulated Danish online gambling market.


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