How to pick the right bonus code

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The online poker bonus code you choose is going to be the starting point of your bankroll management regime in poker. Most poker sites offer effectively the same deals in terms of the way you earn the bonus money, but once players have got through this hurdle with some skilled play then they should have turned over a profit using off the table money incentives. That’s right! Online poker players earn profit on and off the table by choosing the right bonus code to kick start their campaign.

Picking the right code can depend on the level of player you are and even where you are living according to your local currency. Many sites advertise the fact they will give you free bonus money, but players should always check the terms and conditions of how they will earn that bonus money. A poker bonus is paid out in increments and not credited to your account immediately, so to cash out your free money you have to spend a certain amount of cash to gain player reward points. The most common denomination is 1 point for every 1 unit of currency spent or 1 point for £1.

For instance, if you deposit in sterling pounds then you may have to earn up to 6 times the amount you deposited in reward points before your bonus is released, but if you deposit in USD then this could mean you have to earn up to 9 times the deposit amount. That means if we go back to pound sterling, then a £100 deposit would mean players would be paid back £10 in ten increments. To earn the £10 players would need to earn 60 reward points, which effectively means spending £60 to gain 60 points to release the first £10.

So how does this help me choose the right code?

The best way to find out how you are getting the right deal is rather than looking at how much the bonus money being offered is look at how much the play through amount is. If you are depositing £500 with a 15 times play through, then you are looking at having to spend £7,500 or £750 in ten increments. Another site may offer the same deal, but the play through is only 10 times this amount meaning you would have to spend far less money to get your bonus paid out.

Instant sign up cash rewards

Some sites will actually give you money for free when you sign up and meet the minimum deposit requirement. The giveaway cash is normally much less than deposit match bonuses, so unless you are going to play regularly this is the best bonus code. Deposit matches require a play through and have a time limit. Instant sign up cash is as it implies; “Instant”. The money is there to play with, so even if you don’t play for 6 months when you log on again the money is still yours to play with.

Overall, choosing the right code will enhance your poker experience at the online poker room you decide to join. The reason getting the right bonus code is so important is because you should always go into poker with a positive attitude meaning the right poker bonus could make you play better.

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