How to play slots tournaments

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One of latest crazes to hit the internet gambling world is slots tournaments. They are a fast paced and exciting new way to play online slots. Many online casinos have begun to offer this new style of playing slots and it’s a must try for anyone who enjoys slots. The concept of slots tournaments has been around for some time. Many brick and mortar casinos have offered these in the past, but its popularity among online players is just starting to catch fire.

If you’ve never played a slots tournament you may be asking; “How do I play?” It’s quite simple actually, but there are some differences between playing regular slots and slot tournaments that you must be aware of before attempting to play. This article will guide you from the very beginning to the very end and have you champion of the next slot tournament you play.

The first step to joining a slots tournament is to find one. This is a simple task as you only need to look in your casinos lobby to find them. There will be a tab that says “Slots Tournaments” in plain view. Click on this tab to be taken to the slots tournament lobby and you’re on your way. If for some reason you can’t find them, contact customer support at your online casino provider and they will gladly point you in the right direction.

Once inside the slots tournament lobby you should see a list of upcoming tournaments. All information regarding them can be found on this page. You will see buy in prices, players registered, start time and more. Find the buy in, (a buy in is the amount of money it costs to enter) to your liking and register. Once you’re registered, you will automatically be placed in the tournament

How tournaments work

Structures will vary from tournament to tournament. Some will start at set time while others may start once a certain amount players have entered. The buy in that was paid to enter the tournament from all players goes into one large prize pool. If the buy in was $10 and 100 people are registered, the total prize pool would be $1,000. Payouts will be based on finishing position once the tournament ends. The end will usually be after a certain time limit or set number of spins.

Each player will start with same amount of coins with which to play their slot. The goal is simple, to make the most money possible and beat the other players. The person who has amassed the most at the end will be crowned champion and take home the bulk of the prize pool. Other places will be paid according to amount of money they have won.

The money won while playing the slots isn’t actually you’re to keep. This is only a means to determine who will win. For example, you may have won $100k during the slot tournament on your slot, but this isn’t real money that you win. The only money that can be won is the money used by all players for the buy in. This is where some get confused.

Slots tournaments are super easy to play and very fun. It’s no longer man vs. machine; it’s you against the world in a battle for top spot and all the riches. 

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