How to utilize your bonus bonus

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One cardinal rule of poker is to make sure you manage your bankroll in order to stake your games plus move up the ladder for bigger and more prestigious winnings, so utilizing a bonus code to get the best out of your cash is your chance to practice managing your bankroll and taking a shot at higher stakes.

A good example of an online poker room offering a poker bonus is the “Double Match”, Bonus Code currently offering a 100% match according to your deposit amount, which can be anything between £10 and £500. For example, if you deposit £10 you will receive £10 as a bonus, which is released over a period of time in 10 stages, so this will be returned in ten £1 increments.

To earn this money back players need to hit the release points limit through playing in either cash, sit ‘n’ go, or tournament games. Each £1 paid in tournament fees will earn players 1 point. That means a sit ‘n’ go that is £20-£2 will earn players 2 points as the second figure, £2, is the tournament entry fee. In cash games your points are added from the amount of money you bet into the pot known as “Generated Rake”. The norm is for every £1 players will receive 2 loyalty points.


New online poker players will have a slightly different strategy. Free money means players can afford to lose a bit of money to learn the game. Sometimes the best way to get a read on other players is to call. You will always get that dying itch to see if someone is bluffing and then you call only to find out your opponent tricked you while sitting on a monster hand. In situations such as these players should treat them as a learning curve rather than a stupid call. This is why free deposit match money is a way to maintain your bankroll at the same time as becoming a better player.

Bankroll Strategy

This is a simple strategy that most players use and is actually recommend by Chris Ferguson himself. Whatever your bankroll is you should aim to only enter games that count for 5% of your total balance. For example, if you have £100 then generally you should only enter tournaments or sit ‘n’ goes that are £5 to enter.

In cash games you should only enter games with £5 and try to build the £5 in a single session. With a £5 stake you would then have to decide if you want to play a deep stack cash game or standard stakes. Playing deep stack will require you to lower the blind amount of the game you want to enter. With £5 deep stack you are probably looking at having between 50-100 blinds, so a £0.05/£0.10 game or lower is best or if you want only around 25 blinds you can double the blind amount and play £0.10/£0.20 blind games.

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