How William Hill Became Number 1

By Maria McCoyGoogle
William Hill is currently estimated to be worth over $5 billion far ahead of any of its competitors in the market. In the UK market the company has always been heads-up with Ladbrokes, Coral and close rival Paddy Power. William Hill is actually an English based company; while, Paddy Power – a company not far behind William in worth – is an Irish based company and the second largest firm in the world and growing since their BetFair take over!

By and large William Hill has always been the leader out of the competition not just in the UK but globally. They have an empire to put it lightly. Australia, USA and UK are their biggest hot spots right now after expanding outside of the UK to become a global gaming provider.

One of the best lessons that can be learned from William Hill is its reactions to market trends. The best lesson being that the company has a remarkable visionary ability that can spot future trends.

In the late 90s and early 2000s William Hill has already made its online casinos, sports book and poker entities a priority. They became one of the very few brick and mortar bookies to also become a prominent online gaming entity too. This is why William Hill became what it is today. Online the company was able to operate anywhere in the world and its brand soon became a big hit in the US largely thanks to its deals with iPoker and Microgaming.

Coming in at a very early stage of the internet and World Wide Web’s development was Microgaming; known for its online casino software interface that allows other companies to connect to their gaming platform. iPoker was the poker version of Microgaming also allowing other companies to connect to its Poker network.

Thanks to the quick thinking of the William Hill big wigs, they quickly took advantage of the Microgaming and iPoker gaming systems. William Hill, like many other online casinos and poker rooms today, used their own branding, casino bonus codes and marketing over the Microgaming platform for casino gambling and the iPoker platform for Poker.

This move gave William Hill an online gaming presence as a casino and poker gaming provider; something the company was not known for as it did not own any casinos. They had branched out into a whole new market using their street creditability as a quality bookmakers but that was not the only secret to success.

Of course, William Hill had already taken their street bookmakers online. Sports betting and pretty much every other type of odds betting was already available online so people didn’t have to go to the high street store to make a bet. People were betting on the football and horses from their then desktop computers via dial-up modems connected to the internet.

It was via their online bookmakers facility William Hill were able to see the opportunity to introduce their clientele to online poker and casino game play, which gave them global reach, creditability and income streams.

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