Improve your Texas Hold’em All-in Strategy

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Hold’em Showdown: Dealer and Player Bets

Adding to a spectacular list of Texas Hold’em games online the new Hold’em Showdown game gives players the opportunity to bet on the player or the dealer.

This game brings pre-flop odds that smash any other Hold’em game out there, and if you are a Hold’em player this heads-up match is an opportunity that just can’t be passed up. Player’s get not one hand to play against the dealer, but four hands, so if you know your Hold’em odds well, you have a chance to crush the bets on a better than average percentage level.

On top of this, four hands is not enough, so this new way to play even offers a fifth opportunity, which is to wager a bet on the dealer winning the hand instead of the player.

Ultimately, players have the chance to choose which hand out of five will win on the flop, turn and river in what is a bet that is in essence a pre-flop all-in once the money is down. For online Hold’em players this rips apart playing heads-up against an opponent in a sit and go game. Online poker rooms ’ version of heads-up play mean that both players buy-in for an equal amount and the winner will double on their cash minus a registration fee. In this version of the game you can double your cash within a matter of a few hands, making Hold’em Showdown one of the best versions of poker on the virtual casino scene today.

Furthermore, many Hold’em heads-up games are based on pre-flop all-ins to win the game, meaning these games rarely are decided by the betting played during the flop, turn and river play. Hold’em Showdown is the perfect game to see plenty of hands per bet and get a feel for the odds of how head’s up all-ins prevail. This in turn means that if you are a Hold’em player, then you will love the invaluable practise this game gives you. You will get a quicker feel for which hands offer the best odds for all-in value versus playing countless heads-up games in an online poker room.

The odds of the game are very simple to learn, and remember in poker any two cards can win. There is a 36% chance of completing a pair on the flop, 12% chance of flopping trips and a more than 50% chance of hitting a pair by the river. Now that means both you and the dealer have equal opportunity, but the odds then swing in your favour. 50% of the time the dealer will not hit any pair, and if you fail to hit the cards too, the hand is decided by the high card, which of course being the player means you will have staked the hand with the highest value thus you should be winning most of the hands.

It is extremely simple to play Hold’em Showdown, and the game play comes through at a quick place. Four player hands are shown, and one dealer hand is shown. Any of the player hands can go up against the dealer hand with odds labelled ‘Dealer’ and ‘Player’. The odds are according to the strength of the player hand versus the dealer hand.

The stronger the hand chosen the thinner the odds become, but if you fancy delivering a bad beat by betting on the weaker hand to win then you receive far better odds. After each win you can choose to bank your winnings, half your winnings or keep going placing all of your winnings from the last hand on the new hand.

Indeed, this is a must try game if you are an avid Texas Hold’em player. Not only do you get to learn the odds of poker’s starting hands quickly, you get favourable odds to win the hand. This is definitely one to recommend to all the poker fans out there.

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