Intranet Gaming Announcement Within Tribal Casinos

By Maria McCoyGoogle

Atlantis Internet Group Corp (ATIG) of Nevada announced the launch of Intranet gaming within some tribal casinos, the first instance of legal intranet gambling within the US.

Two Native American Tribal Casinos, Coushatta Indian Casino in Louisiana and Coyote Valley Casino in California, have already joined the ATIG network. Up to twenty-eight Indian Casinos from within the US can be connected through the network.

The intranet was established in 2009 after receiving sanction from the National Indian Gaming Commission. Shortly after, ATIG developed contracts with some of the leading global gaming vendors to offer Class III, Class II and online games. The Tribal Gaming Network is a multi-game platform offering a variety of products like table games, slot machines, virtual horse racing, nationwide poker, simulated sports betting and online live dealer games. It also offers a Powerball type of Lotto product, the second of its kind.

In order to connect to the Tribal Gaming Network, players have to physically be in the land casino that has subscribed to the network. ATIG's gaming platform will work on slot machines, kiosks, Android mobile phones and Samsung Tablets within the casino. Some games can be played on iPhones. ATIG has hailed the intranet a next generation product and has marketed it as a casino within a casino.

ATIG has been at the forefront of play-for-fun or play-for-free sites. President and CEO Donald L. Bailey stated that they have been in the business of play-for-fun sites since 2003. Now, with the Tribal Gaming Network, they are leading the way toward the legalization of online casino games. The Tribal Gaming Network allows real money wagering on all games except bingo and is regarded as completely legal because it is based on the intranet.

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