Jackpot Levels Continue to Rise

By Maria McCoyGoogle
The rise of the progressive network has become one of the most talked about online casino subjects. Last year in 2014 more money than ever before was paid out via the top feature progressive jackpot. On top of this, other features aside from the progressive jackpot also showed a year on year increase with 2014 boasting the largest payout total over a year than any other year. This also includes non-progressive slots.

‘There are few that believe they can win millions of dollars simply by playing an online casino game, but the reality is that over $200 million a year is paid out purely from progressive jackpots’

As technology and reach of online casinos progressively spans globally, the popularity of online slots; both progressive and non-progressive, has sharply increased. However, it is the progressive jackpot virtual machines that have taken the spotlight in this niche. This is largely because of the vast number of smartphones that are now on the market at affordable prices. In the beginning only those willing to make a hefty investment in smartphone technology had the privilege of being able to connect to online games, but now almost anyone who is anybody has a smartphone with the capability of connecting to the internet giving them access to real money online casino gaming zones.

‘Since both smartphone and desktops could jointly connect to the internet the online slots business was always going to develop to cater for both these markets’

Microgaming were the first to develop a network that would be made up of only progressive jackpot slot machines online. The idea was ingenious because it meant that thousands of players from different casinos could all connect to the same progressive slots on the Microgaming network despite all being members of different online casinos. As a result, the progressive slot machines of today are not limited to play on just a single casino. Soon NYX and Amaya Gaming would follow suit and now we have 3 massive networks out there all churning out huge sums of cash to both mobile and desktop players.

‘With more players connecting to the same machine, more money has been pumped into the progressive slot machines thus progressive jackpots grow quicker and bigger’

It stands to reason that more cash means more money being paid out. The increasing amount of cash being injected is down to the huge increase of players connecting to individual slots. Progressive jackpots naturally grow according to the number of players playing and betting on that machine. That means the more players that play, the quicker the progressive jackpot will build up and often times the jackpot will grow bigger than before also because of the timing of the jackpot.

With all these factors taken into consideration it is easy to see why slot players have been winning multi-million dollar jackpots – and it is easy to see why these jackpots have been paying out more regularly than before.

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