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Two jackpots that have never been hit are in the news and stirring up some serious attention!  Players across the world are now making sure that they have a chance at these HUGE progressive jackpots and it’s no wonder why because when we’re talking huge we’re talking millions and millions…


There are two jackpot networks that are currently the focus of attention.  The first is the MegaJackpots progressive jackpot network that is the jackpot for casino software provider WagerWorks.  A casino jackpot network is linked to a software provider and all the casinos that are run powered by that software provider are part of that network – that means that in a progressive jackpot, the bigger the network (the more casinos use the software), the bigger the jackpot. 


The MegaJackpots from WagerWorks has just crossed the THREE MILLION mark.  As this is a mainly british network, the ticker is shown using great British pounds so the dollar equivalent is around 4.7 million and the Euro equivalent is around 3.4 million!  There are three slot games from WagerWorks that are connected to this jackpot.  They are: Monopoly, Cleudo, and Cleopatra.


The second progressive jackpot that is receiving a lot of attention in the press is the jackpot on the Realtime Gaming network.  The games attached to this jackpot (which unlike MegaJackpots doesn’t have a specific name), are Shopping Spree and Mid Life Crisis.  The jackpot has currently broken the 1 million (US dollar) mark and is growing – fast!


Check these out today – you can be the first to win these “never-won-before” jackpots! 

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