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The news came after seven days of poker that took place in July and three more days in the month of November 2015. This saw him walk away with a prestigious bracelet of poker worth $ 7,683,346.

Joe McKeehen emerged as the best out of the 6420 players who took part in the competition. After the nine weeks of playing poker in the month of July, only nine players managed to remain. The November 9 winners WSOP returned on Sunday after spending a period of four months hiatus to play the game. The November event took three days and on Sunday three of the players were eliminated from the competition. Patrick Chan completed at position nine, Federico Butterino eight and the seventh place was taken by Neuville Pierre.

On Monday, came back for three more eliminations in which Thomas Cannuli was in the sixth position, Ofer Zvi Stern in number five and Max Steinberg was at position four. During the first two days, McKeehen who had began the final table with a chip lead extended on the same. On Sunday, he had started with 1/3 of his chips in play and completed with twice the amount on Monday.

On Tuesday, Neil Blumenfield, Josh Beckley and McKeehen came back to the Penn and Teller Theater for the last day to get the final winner of the event. The last day was entirely McKeehen’s show after he proved to the world that he was simply the best. He was able to add his stack very quickly without showing any signs of weakness at any point of the game. Both Neil Blumenfield and Josh Beckley did not manage to gain any traction on this day. After playing for almost 90 minutes, McKeehen succeeded to eliminate Neil Blumenfield. Two hands and thirty minutes after the exit of Blumenfield, he also eliminated Josh Beckley after the latter’s pocket fours fell to the winners ace ten.

After winning this event, Joe McKeehen has joined the likes of Bobby Baldwin , Carlos Mortensen, Johnny Moss , Phil Hellmuth and Doyle Brunson just to mention a few of them. Below is a comprehensive list of the November 9 winners WSOP.

Patrick Chan -$ 1001020

Federico Butteroni - $ 1097056

Pierre Neuville - $ 1203,293

Tom Cannuli - $ 1426283

Ofer Zvi Stern - $ 1911423

Max Steinberg- $ 2615361

Neil Blumenfield- $ 3398298

Josh Buckley- $ 4470,896

Joe Mckeehen - $ 7683,346

Born in 1991, Mckeehen holds a degree in Mathematics from Arcadia University. It was not the first time for him to take part in poker competitions. In 2010 he managed to win the world championships as the best in the board game risk. The first title Joe Mckeehen won was in 2012 after walking away with an award at a side event during the Poke stars Caribbean Adventure amounting to $ 174,147.

This the first time he cashed at any WSOP, main event where he finished at position 489. In the 2014 world series of poker, Joe Mckeehen earned $ 820,863. During the 2015 event, Joe Mckeehen showed exemplary performance after he never relinquished any chip lead and then defeated his toughest contestant Josh Beckley in a thrilling showdown in less than thirty minutes after the exit of Blumenfield.

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