Joyland Casino Announces a Multi-Million $$$ Winner

By Maria McCoyGoogle
It may be old news, but it just goes to show that the rumours rattling the ground of a big winner at the jackpot slot machines on one of the largest online casino websites are true and that big wins are possible.

A female player from Canada only known as Sylvia was the lucky winner of a sum that exceeded $4 million while playing on the online Beach Life Progressive jackpot machine at Joyland Casino. The jackpot had been ticking up for some time and after each million the anticipation just kept on going until finally players were logging on to the casino’s popular slot only to see that finally the coffers had been emptied. This was start of the wild rumours that someone had won a mega out of the blue drop in jackpot at the casino.

After further investigation at the time it was announced in a press release by Joyland that Sylvia had actually only been playing at the online casino for a little over 3 weeks after she took advantage of a $25 sign-up bonus. Joyland have been happy to announce their winner, but it needed some doing. The casino went on in say that Sylvia’s win is just a small portion of the cash pay-outs that run through the casino’s virtual wires on a weekly to monthly basis.

Progressive jackpots come in all styles, shapes and forms with some just dropping out cash by surprise with no trigger at all, while others have hidden symbols locked deep into their bonus rounds waiting for a lucky winner to spin through the variations and empty out the cash into their casino bankroll or there is just a simple max bet rule with a combination progressive jackpot win.

Beach Life was a beach themed slot as the name implied. Lots of ice creams, surfers and sun spread over a 20-pay line machine with a Treasure Chest jackpot and a swelling progressive jackpot. This is the beauty of progressive slots because they come in all manner of themes and this one certainly spelt a few beach trips for Sylvia, the mega progressive jackpot winner.

The coin flip for most slot players when Sylvia won was whether to go for big bonus feature machines or progressive jackpot machines with less features. Now players can get a good mixture of both while vying for a jackpot going into the tens of thousands while praying for a million dollar progressive jackpot to spin on the reels on drop into their laps.

Not only is this great for the punter, and life changing, it means the casino has a punter for life, and a punter that can take advantage of huge loyalty point offers and VIP status. The joys of being a winner of a progressive jackpot must be simply indescribable.

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