La Boule Becomes One of the Most Popular Games

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Sometimes the demands in the online casino market place changes as often as the wind, and so it was a surprise to come across a few features and comments lately explaining how popular La Boule has become.

For those of you that love Roulette and don’t know what La Boule is then open your eyes and read carefully because this is a game that might interest you. It has certainly been causing a storm in the very few online casinos that do offer the game.
Check out the La Boule screen shot below:

Players bet on number zones around the board that come in 4 basic sets with 2 more sets that are red or black. The red or black sets are counted as groups of numbers, but for arguments sake you are just betting on red or black. However, a 9 will always be red.

As you can see there are numbers on the outside and inside of the board and the round coloured holes are where the ball needs to land after it rolls around the Le Boule circle. FYI this not a wheel that spins, but an area where the ball rolls.

Players can bet on straight numbers from 1-9, a little like straight bets in Roulette, and if they hit they are paid back at 7-1 odds. This is also akin to what is an inside bet in Roulette.

Other options on the inside of the board include 2 sets of numbers grouped in 4. Set 1 contains 2, 4, 6, 8 and Set 2 contains 1, 3, 7, 9. This provides players with even odds for the win.

Why Players Love these Betting Options

Players love this game because they can spread 2 equal bets by betting on Set 1 covering 2, 4, 6, 8 and then make a straight bet on say number 9. If they hit the 9 they get 7-1, and if they hit a number in Set 1 they will be paid even odds with 0 profit, but the even odd pay out pays back the straight bet. They can then re-bet 9. This reduces the 9-1 chance of hitting the straight bet, and evens out the pay-out odds of 7-1. Pretty ingenious.

There also other bets on the outside of the board that include Manque, which contains 1-2-3-4 and Passe with the numbers 1-2-3-4. Plus you can bet red or black.
The catch to the game is the number 5. This number pays out 7-1 odds on straight bets, but it counts in none of the groups of numbers, and if you look closely at the board, it is neither red nor black. That means it will cancel out any bets apart from a straight bet on the number 5.

The game has so many systems that are easy to work out on your own, that it is now truly one of the best casino games out there for low risk and decent return betting. Try out no deposit casinos to find out where you can play Le Boule.

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