Ladbrokes Breaks into Chinese Market!

By Maria McCoyGoogle


Ladbrokes Breaks into Chinese Market!


Ladbrokes, the UK-based online gambling giant, in an unprecedented move has managed to infiltrate the Chinese market with a new game called “Lucky Racing” a sports-themed “fast draw, fixed odds” type game.  Players can choose to bet on a virtual car race.  The game is developed by Inspired Gaming Group, who are probably feeling quite “lucky” themselves for being the chosen online casino to pair with Ladbrokes and their partner company Hong Kong-based lottery services provider AGTech Holdings – the major players in this (very big) deal.


China is known for their tight control over internet activity and the fact that an online casino group was able to gain access to the HUGE Chinese market has the rest of the industry green with envy.   Ladbrokes is definitely bringing pride to their nation as Chris Wood, the Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Beijing commented that Britain was playing an active role in boosting the Chinese economy.  Such pride, indeed!


It will be interesting to see how the Chinese people take to “Lucky Racing” and if the revenues that it brings in are enough to appease the communist leadership who will perhaps agree to open up their market to a bit more than just one game. 

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