Ladbrokes Giving Bets Away for Free

By Debra SaundersGoogle
What about increasing the odds or pushing the odds in your favour when having a punt at the sports bets? That’s what it’s all about, getting the best bets for you and Ladbrokes may be struggling with the unusual heat wave, but their online sports betting is booming.

The deal has been that punters get their bets back if they just miss their bet by a whisker. In the horseracing if your horse comes in second just by neck the bookies will refund the bet, and if you have an each way you can still get your cash back for your horse missing position by a neck. It doesn’t stop with the horses as the second biggest bookies behind William Hill have added their incentive to nearly all of their sports betting options.

In the soccer people love to lay bets on which team will score first in the match, but if you look out Ladbrokes could be putting a special deal on a match you’ve got your eye on. Put your money down on the correct score and if the wrong team scores first Ladbrokes will refund the bet giving punters better odds than any other bookie on the planet. Furthermore, Ladbrokes understand how a red card that sees the player sent off the pitch can change the dynamics of a soccer game.

To make sure punters aren’t ripped off by a player that got out of the wrong side of the bed that day and decided to make a ridiculous foul and ruin your bet by seeing his team go down to 10 men, Ladbrokes are refunding bets on those games. Don’t worry because if your team still wins, Ladbrokes will still pay you out instead of the refund option.
Also Ladbrokes have come up with some specials. Let’s say a particular team doesn’t win in a certain competition Ladbrokes will have a deal that says all bets on that particular day will be refunded. That’s massive because you can stake a different game altogether and see your team go down, then you can start cheering the other team in the hope they beat the refund team. It’s a long shot because usually it’s a good team, but the relief on the odds can be a get out of jail free card.

Punters have been flocking to these amazing deals by their thousands with Ladbrokes taking bets around the clock.

Ladbrokes has long been one of the market leaders in sports betting and they have been providing punters with some pretty neat features on their site to go with its massive marketing promotions. There are live news feeds for the exact sport that clientele are interested so they don’t miss a thing.

Despite a few problems in the high street stores the online site and telephone services are still going strong. It is good see a business that is moving in the right direction giving punters some incentive and this is one reason the company will be pushing on William Hill’s commanding market share.

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