Las Vegas Casino Offer Players Option to Play Online Poker

By Maria McCoyGoogle


Most casinos don't offer too much for free as they want their customers to focus on playing games for real money.  However, one Las Vegas land-based casino is looking a bit farther down the road and realizes that in order to get a head start on what they feel is the inevitable legalization and regulation of online poker in the United States, they're offering their players the option to play at their online poker site - for free. 

Free online poker isn't something new - in fact most online poker sites offer a free version.  However, what is new is that a brick and mortar casino would offer a free online poker site to its players. The website, is what is making people across the industry take notice.  The brand, South Point Casino, says that they're getting a head start on what they feel is the inevitable - the US will legalize and regulate online poker.  They figure that if their players are playing at a good online poker site, that they'll find it easy to switch to the real money version once it's legal.

The free poker site was first offered just to a select group of the casino's player base but has since been launched to the public. It seems that this is one of many changes that the industry is making in order to gear up for legal online poker/casino in the US.  Big business groups, including Donald Trump's organization, are also vying for market space. Will this be a sign of things to come or are people getting excited a bit too early?

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