Las Vegas MGM is Upgrading the Strip

By Debra SaundersGoogle
A casino holiday in the sun of Las Vegas where you dreams can come true is one of the aspirations that Sin City can bring out in anyone. So what about the news press just released by MGM revealing plans to upgrade the pedestrian strip outside the New York New York area of the promenade? With such a specialist team of marketers that know how to research a public that craves luxury and exotic scenery we can expect one of the most attractive areas in the world to be created with no expense spared.

First on the agenda is a twenty thousand seat stadium that is sure to blow the minds of any visitors. The stadium will host all kinds of events from sporting favourites to pop concerts and even there are plans for mass poker games. The luxury design of the MGM establishments is sure to be replicated in what is expected to be one of the most advanced and eccentric designs seen since the London Olympics put on display some of the world’s most daring structures. On top of this, we can expect the stadium and the design of the promenade to add just as much of a unique blend of architecture as Dubai has since it started announcing and building some of the world’s most ambitious structural designs.

Next on the cards will be a huge park giving tourists and residents a place to relax. With vibrant gardens, a lake, and exotic vegetation all in the plan, the park is expected to compliment the stadium once again adding MGM’s unique ability to create tranquillity around the clock in a city that never sleeps. The plan is to create something out of this world that will change as the darkness of the night settles above, giving those planning on taking a look at the new area the need to plan for two visits to get the full vibe of MGM’s imaginative creativity.

As for the walk way outside the MGM establishments, we can expect the vibrant atmosphere from the inside to spill out onto the pedestrian streets outside. It seems the old look is not in with the times, and so change as with everything else in today’s world, is imminent. This is also a great promotional move for MGM, as more visitors will be attracted to the area, and with many having the intention to gamble they could be allured by the outside atmosphere into the MGM establishments where their dream really could come true!

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