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Full Tilt Poker has seen better days, though it appears there may be hope on the horizon.  Recent reports suggest what may be the first bit of good news Full Tilt has heard in the last quarter.


However, Full Tilt news of late must have some bad news.  Unconfirmed reports are stating that all of Full Tilt’s U.S.-based staff have been laid off or will be laid off shortly.  Apparently, paying a full staff of workers who can’t really do anything (since USDOJ and FBI seized their domain name) since April, while simultaneously not being able to collect revenue from US clients, was bad business.


One Full Tilter who appears to still be employed is CEO Ray Bitar.  Though, he is federally indicted. 


On the bright side of things, Full Tilt’s secondary provider Kolyma company has received authorization to operate in the jurisdiction of Kahnawake in the Québec province of Canada.  It should be noted, however, that Kolyma is also the name of the province in Russia where the Gulag slave labor camps were located and over a million Russian political prisoners died.


The renewal of their license is supposed to last for two years during which the Kahnawake Gaming Commission will be keeping a close eye on the Alderney Gambling Control Commission’s findings.


To date, the AGCC has reported that Full Tilt has actually paid about $500,000 in fees.  The AGCC further reported that these payments are in the interests of players; the hope is they will eventually lead to a refinancing deal.


Before Full Tilt was shut down in April, it was the second most-trafficked poker site in the world.

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