Lazy Plays are the Biggest Lost Bets

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Never mind being too tired to play. The idea is that when you are tired it is time to go and get some sleep so when you wake up, your brain will be functioning back to its optimal self. Having consistent access to the internet has been the reason behind a lot of player losses. According to several medical studies, you make worse decisions when you are tired than when you are alert, awake, refreshed and on your game. Something we don’t really need doctors to tell us, but we do on occasion need reminding.

‘When you are tired, your emotions can run away from you and you are more easily irritated’

There is nothing more irritating than losing. If you are tired and you start losing, this could be what they call in poker – the tilt. Tilting in a casino can be an expensive prospect. Just madly throwing good money after good money at pointless bets chasing your luck is one sure fire way you will lose your cash. Tiredness is the biggest cause of tilting, and the number one cause for not paying attention to detail. When you are a strategic player, you will no doubt lose track of your strategy if you are tired due to lack of concentration.

‘Lazy plays don’t only happen when you are tired, they occur simply because we all have that urge in life to be lazy from time to time’

There is no problem with lazy plays at the casino because we all need that little release where you just feel like riding your luck and relaxing with a few bets. However, research into player habits that follow this habit shows that many of these players admitted they still play their lazy game at the same stakes they would play their more serious strategic game. If you are playing for fun, and you are not a millionaire, then the best way to approach your lazy game is to use low stake tables. You can even have a play around and test other strategies that have been tried and tested or been suggested.

Limiting your losses is all about waiting for that big jackpot win that wipes out the downswings and turns your overall play into an upswing

Playing at the casino tables is tough enough with the odds always in the casino’s favor. If it was any other way, we would not have the fun and excitement of contemplating no deposit casino bonus codes that give us free cash to play with – the casino needs to make that money back. In fact, casinos would probably not even exist unless the games were in favor of the house.

With this in mind, it is your strategy that limits the chances of the house winning too much from you. Then, when you do win, you stand the chance of winning big. This should put you in profit most of the time, but if you had those lazy days where you lose, count those up, and when you do hit that big win, all it serves to do is reduce what you have already lost rather than put you in profit.

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