Learning The Basics Of Omaha Strategy

By Maria McCoyGoogle
In fact Omaha is also one of the more popular games of poker, coming second only to Texas Hold’em, and in many respects Omaha and Hold’em are identical. The only real difference regards to Omaha rules is that Omaha players receive four hole cards instead of the two in hold’em. However, Omaha the players can only use two of those hole cards to make their hand, so in reality it is the same game.

The four hole cards do change the dynamics a little bit though, with four cards to choose from for each player it guarantees bigger winning hands. In Hold’em you may be able to win hands with a single pair, though that is still possible in Omaha…it is highly unlikely.

If you are still trying to learn Omaha, we are going to give you a few tips on what you need to be aware of during a hand of Omaha.

Table Position

Table position has to be one of the most fundamentally important aspects of any type of poker, where you are playing from in any hand has to be your first consideration. The main priority is that your hand selection has to be related to where you are sat in relation to the current hand.

·         Early Position – With so many players to act after you, you should only play premium hands. You will not get away with seeing a cheap flop from this position, so do not waste your chips trying to.

·         Middle Position – There are fewer players to act after you and you have seen what the players in early position have done, so your starting hand can loosen up a little, though still try and stick to suited connectors or lower end pockets at the very least. Still be careful though, there is still a chance you can be raised by players behind you.

·         Late Position – The ideal position, you have had the advantage of seeing how most of the players have acted and can base your play on what you have seen. If it has been checked all the way around and you have a weak hand, call…you may just hit a hand. Of course, if you have a half decent hand you may and try to take the pot down there and then.

Never Over Bluff

Whilst we all like to bluff from time to time, doing it too much will make you such an easy target for experienced players. If anything, bluffing is a lot more difficult in Omaha because in general there are bigger winning hands due to having more cards to select your hand from.

Most hands will be won with a straight, flush or full house…and at the very minimum trips. Pick your bluffs very carefully, as if you get caught too many times, you will find it very hard to pull any off on that table.

Most Importantly…Watch Your Opponents

No decent Omaha strategy guide will be complete without encouraging you to watch how your opponents play. You need to try and determine what type of player they are, they maybe an aggressive type that likes to bluff a lot, or perhaps they are one of the tighter players that never seem to play a hand…avoid them like the plague when they do if this is the case!

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