Lesniak Believes Casino Games Legislation in NJ Will Happen Soon

By Maria McCoyGoogle

It has been announced that on May 31, New Jersey’s online casino games legislation will be up for vote in the New Jersey State Senate, later than the sponsor of the bill, Raymond Lesniak had wanted. Online casino games advocates in NJ hoped that the legislation would enable online poker playing by September 1, but believe it will occur at some point later in the fall.

Lesniak said in March that he expected the legislation to pass through both houses in mid-April. The online casino games bill was approved by the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee on April 3. Lesniak stated that the delay to move ahead occurred because many of his colleagues in the legislature will be on vacation in April.

Lesniak stated, "We have to make sure we have all the Democratic votes there, so we have to schedule around people's vacations. Things like this happen. A year ago, the governor vetoed the first attempt. This time, it looks like we're going to reach the finish line. It's just taking longer than I hoped for."

The process for online casino games legislation and the development of the best online casinos in New Jersey has been a long process. Republican Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a similar gaming bill last year. The legislation has since been amended to address the Governor’s concerns that commercial establishments outside Atlantic City could become centers for online gambling.

If the legislation passes on May 31 in the Senate, the expectation is that it will be passed by the State Assembly in June and signed by Governor Christie shortly after.

Lesniak commented, "I'm extremely confident. The casinos really need it. They want it. Really, it's the only way some of them will survive."

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