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Millionaire and career gamblers are everywhere since the birth of the internet. In the past we would only find them in the casinos or gambling dens of cities. Atlantic City and Las Vegas being the home of most pro gamblers. They do exist and many of them make a healthy living.

Blackjack players are now fewer than before and instead they have been replaced by pro poker players. Saying that, there has always been one line of work within the gaming industry that has always bred professional gamblers; sports betting.

Horse racing, football and basketball being some of the most popular. Then there are the baseball fanatics that really grind the stats and seem to know where the league is going, where a particular player’s career is going or manager’s career for that matter.

It may seem like an easy going life. A little like our lives here at the online casino news desk. Working from home or from a coffee shop or for the gambler from the prestigious casino venues. Then there are those online real money gamers that can also work from anywhere. Nonetheless, the life is not as easy as most may think.

For success in this line of work, it takes hard work, discipline and a deep knowledge of the game. That’s not to mention the amount of practice needed to acquire the skills to play against other opponent or understand that stats don’t always play out as well as being able to get through the upswings and downswings using good bankroll management. 

Online gaming for real money is something that many have mastered. There are tons of system out there that claim that you can’t lose if you use this strategy. Although many are useful, such as how to play Blackjack with an optimal strategy, many of them won’t give you that career as an online gambler that you may be pursuing.

However, there are still plenty of ways to at least work a way into the professional gambling scene, but only if you have a good head on you.

Successful online real money gamblers have more than likely grown up around gambling. They have seen the highs and lows that people go through. Most importantly, they have learned to control their game by learning from those that cannot/did not.

Take for example the professional poker player out there. They are disciplined, mathematically apt at the game, and they know the most important rule of all – no when to quit. Knowing when to quit in poker can be a time limit or something as simple as folding three of a kind when there are straight and flush draws on the table. Obviously the game goes deeper than this. 

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