Life Changing Win on a Wheel

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Well some lucky winners have found their day changed so drastically that the effects of their surprise multi-million dollar win through an online casino game changes their lives forever.

Very recently the ground breaking news was out that someone had landed a huge €3,246,327 win playing on, you’ve guessed it, a progressive slot machine. How this happens to so many people is beyond many people’s comprehension.

An online piece of software that is effectively a video game or a virtual board game just jumps out with 7 figures right out of the blue. If that interests you, then read on because there has even been an 8 figure pay-out recorded from the same slot machine.

This time the casino news wires are heralding the Mega Fortune Slot machine once again as the story of yet another overnight millionaire hits the virtual casino world with a round of applause. Ladies and gentlemen with persistence it can be done. With so many slot players out there today all having fun on their favourite machines the deal is on. We lose to pay for others’ wins, and we win to take other people’s losses. 

Slots players are a community that don’t mind the up and down swings as long as they are having fun, and while they’re having fun there is a kind of unspoken as well as unseen mutual agreement amongst the players all going on in the background. They play and lose, and play and win. However, why would someone play to lose? With slot players, that is where the deal is at.

As slot players we have to take a beating as much as the next guy to get through the variation. The losses are considered gone, and the idea is they go towards paying the winnings of others. So, you may ask: Why are you playing to give your money away to others?

That’s because all the other slot players are doing the same. In the end we are paying for the pleasure of knowing that any losses pay for the chance of that big win. If we didn’t lose sometimes, then who would win the massive life changing amounts of €3,246,327 just paid out!

What’s more is that this game is responsible for the lion’s share of jackpot pay-outs coming from a single machine. Right now the biggest ever jackpot win was €17,860,868. That’s a casino bonus that will never forgotten and akin to the highest ever poker tournament first place win ever paid out. Slots can pay more than the Big One for One Drop poker tournament that cost the players $1 million to even enter that game, while Megafortune drops 3 to 17 times that amount out for a fraction of the price.

Megafortune slot is now the latest in a line of virtual slot machines to churn out the millions via a progressive jackpot. It was designed by the Swedish developers known as Net Entertainment, who have a well-grounded presence in the slot and casino games software design industry. What a design they have come up with as it is certainly worth its weight in gold.

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