Live Dealers Keep on Climbing Up the Ratings Ladder

By Maria McCoyGoogle
In the everything seems to arrow back to utilizing technology in a way that can give players the ultimate gaming experience. As it has been said many times, communications technology specifically has been the main driver to bringing new and exciting ways to gamble online, and none more so than the introduction of live web cam dealers.

Microgaming are one company that have gone out of their way to bring featured love dealers to casinos that use their gaming platform, and what a success it has been. For the men, and a few ladies out there, the Playboy live dealer suite has been a smash hit. However, for those that are not looking for sexy and majorly distracting women dressed as Playboy bunnies, there are also more down to earth options.

Multi player live dealer tables have been a fantastic success. Players can log on and choose multi table play and at the same time discuss tactics with someone on the other side of the world. The casinos idea behind was to bring players that enjoy the vibe of playing with other likeminded punters.
Of course, multi-table gaming is not for everyone. The original single player tables are still available. They give another class of player a different angle to slice away at upping their cash. Most of the time if you walk into a bust casino, like many of the online casinos, you’ll have to sit down at a table with other players. The exclusivity for some isn’t there.

On the other hand, online casino live dealer games afford players the option to get down to business without any distractions. An exclusive dealer at their own exclusive table available at any time of the day. The feeling of being important, and having someone stand there solely to deal cards is something that appeals to a large number of players.
Finally, it is the personal touch of live dealers that gives customers that feeling of added value. Ultimately, this is one of the main reasons live dealers have been such a huge hit online. Many of the live dealer tables also come with their own unique promotions and casino bonus codes giving players more money to play with in what is as close as their living room is going to get to being a fully blown live casino.

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