Live Poker Rooms Continue to Grow in Popularity

Alongside the affordable price of a wide screen TV that you can hook up to your computer and surround systems has come in sync the popularity of Live Online Casino play.
We have been following the rising popularity of LIVE dealer suites for a while now. It has always been one way online players that do not trust the Random Card Generator software to visually see a real dealer dish out their fate.

Although trusting the results of a live dealer was one of the main reasons a lot of player preferred live dealerships, the changing trends in technology are now also a huge influencing factor in the rise of popularity in this area of online real money gaming.

Large Size TVs and Surround Sound

You can now pick up a 100 inch TV for less than $300 if you find the right deal. Alongside this a surround system with sound good enough to echo out the vibe of a live dealer suite can be picked up for less than $50.

Armed with a 100 inch – 125 inch TV and a sound system that can bring out the sounds of clunking chips and dealer announcements, you rarely need to actually visit a casino nowadays. This is simply because you can bring the casino to your front living room.

Many blackjack and roulette players that used to frequent the casinos have ditched the cost of travel and decided that a few cheap beers in and a take away with a game on the live dealer suites is just as good as a night out at the casino.

Introducing Sound Effects to Live Dealer Suites

Many live dealer suites now have their own sound effects. The online casinos that do offer their clientele the option to play on live tables via a web cam have realized that a lot of people go to the casino because of the atmosphere.

Thus, they have decided to create an atmosphere of their own online. In the background cheers of joys are blasted over the player’s sound device to bring that live look and feel of their dealer suite to the living room.

 Joining a Casino with a Live Dealer suite

If you are looking for a casino with a live dealer suite, then it is MicroGaming casinos that dominate the best of the live dealer suite action. For those that like your casino play kinky, then it may be worth having a look around for the very popular live Playboy game suite.

For some though, pretty ladies dressed up in kinky bunny outfits may be too much of a distraction. There are also plenty of casinos offering serious looking dealer suites as well.
Our suggestion is to look out for a decent casino bonus code and join some of these casinos with live dealer suites. You can test them out and eventually stick with the one that you feel suites what you are looking for.

There is also the option of using no deposit casino bonus codes. However, not many online casinos offer their free deposit chips to be played on the live tables, so you will have to look around a little harder and read the terms and conditions of your bonus before you sign up.

In the end, there is always something for everyone, so you will eventually find what you are looking for. Happy hunting!

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