Massachusetts Continues to Try and Legalize Online Gambling

By Debra SaundersGoogle


Currently on the table in the state of Massachusetts is a bill that if it is passed, will mean that the state can expand its land-based gambling projects.  On Friday, Sept 9th, State Representative Dan Winslow (Republican) filed an amendment to this bill to try and extend the bill allowing online gambling (specifically online poker) to be included. 


He explains that legalize online poker can provide a good source of revenue for the state and could create jobs in the high tech sector (software and service).  If this amendment passes, it would mean that Massachusetts would be the first state to authorize and regulate online poker.  Similar proposals have been put forth in the states of New Jersey, Hawaii, Florida, California and Nevada, but so far none have actually been implemented.  In a sense, there is definitely a “race” going on and these legislators  (like Winslow) definitely feel it.


The way that Winslow proposal explains that there would be 5 licenses awarded, each one would expire after 5 years.  There would be a 10% rake on every pot and the state (Massachusetts) would receive 70% of that.  Winslow proposes that these online poker sites could cater to players from around the globe, not just Massachusetts’s residents – which is different from some of the other similar proposals put forth in other states.



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