Mega Moolah Winner Makes €3.84 Million

By Maria McCoyGoogle

This past October one of the players at a Microgaming affiliated casino hit the jackpot of a €3.84 Million Mega Moolah progressive jackpot.  One month ago casino officials revealed that the player was playing at the Challenge Casino when he won the jackpot.  Casino Rewards Group, Challenge Casino’s parent company, has a ritual for dealing with jackpot winners.  They flew the jackpot winner to Sydney, Australia.  After a five-star meal at the esteemed Aria restaurant, a photo-op was held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, and winner A.D. was revealed to the public holding a check for €3,841,871.46.  Speaking to the press, A.D. explained that he got a promotional CD in the mail, opened it, installed the program, and received a welcome gift to get started.  Just like that, A.D. went from being a trial user to a millionaire jackpot winner.

 A.D. told reporters about the day he won.  He said he remembers it vividly and described it as a beautiful memory.  He described playing the Mega Moolah when suddenly a jackpot screen opened.  He said he remembers thinking that it couldn’t happen, but lo and behold it did!  It took A.D. a very long time to internalize that he had actually won.  He even called customer support to ask if there was some sort of technical error.

Like most jackpot winners, the first thing A.D. after realizing that he actually won is deciding what to do with all that money.  He said that he plans to give some of the money to charity, to help out his family and friends, and to travel.  He added, though, that he doesn’t plan to stop working or to spend all the money right away.

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