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Any casino that have the Quickfire/Microgaming online casino platform, like William Hill casinos; the biggest online real money betting provider, will provide you with the chance to play Microgaming progressive jackpots.

The company has jumped leaps and bounds since its inaugural appearance when the internet first came to life in people’s homes. Since then they have been the pioneering force in the online gambling industry operating out of the Isle of Man. Its most famous offering is progressive jackpots.

When the company first began they operated progressive jackpot slots from online casino to online casino. Then as the network of online casinos grew Microgaming soon took over Quickfire who offered a centralized delivery system for all online casinos. And so the Microsoft Progressive Jackpot network was born.

A centralized system that connects all casinos to the same jackpot slot in one location. It meant 500 members on one game collated across 10 different casinos. The result was 5,000 members all playing the same machine – quicker progressive jackpots – bigger progressive jackpots – all because there was more money per minute being pumped into the slot.

Progressive slots are able to pay out huge jackpots because a portion of every bet is put aside. That money is then moved into the progressive jackpot kitty. With 5,000, rather than 500 player, you can just imagine how much more cash was being dedicated to the progressive jackpot pot.

Microgaming needed to only slightly tweak the slots coding in order to provide bigger payouts. They didn’t even need to change the regularity of the payouts. All that happened was the timing between progressive jackpots stayed exactly the same, but during that time more people played the machines and thus more money built up.

Later as jackpots were becoming super huge – we mean super huge because one guy won £13 million playing Mega Moolah – Microgaming decided to tweak the slots again.

In this instance Microgaming made Mega Moolah in particular so it would pay out more regularly. This move slightly reduced the size of the jackpots and meant that there was more to be shared around the slots community; after all, who needs £13 million ($18.2 million) in one go, when that could be split in half doubling the number of progressive jackpot winners in the process.

Next in line to Microgaming is NetEnt with its huge progressive jackpot network and there are also PlayTech and Amaya gaming progressive jackpot networks out there.

Despite the competition Microgaming still remain at the top of the pile with more progressive jackpot games, the highest number of winners and the largest amount paid out in total via progressive jackpots compared to any of its aspiring competitors following Microgaming’s lead.

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